Friday, 11 July 2008

Just a humble beginning

Believe it or not, this will be my first ever blog! For years, I have been writing about classical music, for The Straits Times, BraviSSimO! and more recently The Flying Inkpot. The latter has been a faithful home to my rantings and ravings at overseas classical music events, notably international piano competitions. The first competition I wrote about, the Sydney International Piano Competition of Australia (SIPCA) 2004, d├ębuted in the pages of the Inkpot. Its been four years, and given the Inkpot's recent dormant status, I've decided to do my own blog - PIANOMANIA!

I will not be blogging daily, but will contribute to this site whenever I hightail out of town to whatever piano event that catches my fancy. The first will be the Sydney International Piano Competition 2008, where I will cover the first three rounds from 16-22 July. Next up will be the final rounds of the 2nd Hong Kong International Piano Competition in October 2008. If you fancy the piano heroics and high drama that come with international concours, here is a nice place to start. So wish me luck and good health!

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Anonymous said...

Drop me a line if you like. It would be nice to meet a fellow blogger.