Sunday, 20 July 2008

The Pope has spoken, sorry I mean The Jury has spoken

These were the 20 pianists I had picked for Stage III (in order of appearance):

Feng Zhang
Hoang Pham
Alexey Yemtsov
Tomoki Kitamura
David Fung
Fernando Altamura
Mariangela Vacatello
Jose Menor
Takashi Sato
Elizaveta Ivanova
Konstantin Shamray
Tatiana Kolesova
Daniil Tsvetkov
Ran Dank
Charlie Albright
Sean Chen
Sergei Saratovsky
Ryan McEvoy McCullough
Eric Zuber
Yekwon Sunwoo.
Here are the 20 picked by the Jury:
Hao Zhu, Hoang Pham, Alexey Yemtsov, Tomoki Kitamura, David Fung, Fernando Altamura, Mariangella Vacatello, Jose Menor, Christopher Devine, Takashi Sato, Miyeon Li, Yoonsoo Rhee, Konstantin Shamray, Tatiana Kolesova, Daniil Tsvetkov, Ran Dank, Charlie Albright, Sean Chen, Sergei Saratovsky & Eric Zuber
Getting 16 out of 20 wasn’t too shabby, I reckon. Just a little peeved that my namesake Feng Zhang did not make it, despite his lovely Mozart, Schubert-Godowsky songs, Liszt Feux follets and outrageous Alkan. R.M.McCullough should also raise his head high for his efforts – I must check out that Magin left hand Prelude. Commiserations also go to Elizaveta Ivanova and Yekwon Sunwoo, whom I thought had done enough. Thank you for your music.

For me, the big surprise was Christopher Devine. I must have sorely misjudged his efforts. From now on I should pay closer attention to him and drink caffeinated coffee. I’m also pretty pleased to be hearing more Spanish music from Hao Zhu. Well done to both Korean ladies Miyeon Lee and Yoonsoo RheeJesus really saves.

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