Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Final photos from the Hong Kong International Piano Competition 2008

A Robert Doisneau moment.
Anabella and Andrew Freris, organisers of the HKIPC,
congratulate each other on a job well done.
Ilya Rashkovskiy, Winner of HKIPC 2005,
with his girlfriend (now wife) Kayo at Hong Kong City Hall.

The "Walnut" Hamburg Steinway

Pascal Rogé and his stalker from Singapore.

Cristina Ortiz with the concertmaster
of the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong

Jeremy Siepmann looking ever so serious,
even at Hong Kong's Armani Bar.

Peter and Annie Frankl

Jury member Gabriel Kwok gets to eat
Hong Kong cuisine daily. The lucky fellow.

The "Asian Piano Caucus" with the two
Korean winners Jin Sang Lee & Jong Hai Park

Hong Kong's Aristo Sham,
a future winner of the
Hong Kong International Piano Competition?

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