Tuesday, 7 October 2008

My Debut Recital: Some Photos

The Living With... recital series is
Singapore's answer to the musical salon.

Applause is always sweet music to the ears.

I really got to work on removing that scowl.

Mineral water at recitals are an in thing.

Among the real pianists: Benjamin Loh, Low Shao Ying,
Low Shao Suan, Lee Shi Mei & Albert Lin (From L to R)

I would not have been able to do it
without my loving wife Janet.

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Suan said...

Tou Liang!

What a surprise! I stumbled upon your blog by chance, and... nice blog! And nice photos too! I would like to copy and paste the photo wih my sis and I inside, is it ok with you? Oh man... still can't believe you've a blog, haha. Mine's at www.deepinthoughtsndreams.blogspot.com if you're interested, haha. See you around! :)