Thursday, 23 October 2008

Photos from the 2nd Hong Kong International Piano Competition 2008

The five finalists await their "fate".
(From L to R): Helene Tysman, Miao Huang,
Hye Jin Kim, Jong Hai Park & Jin Sang Lee
The judges trying to look composed.
Top row: Gabriel Kwok, Peter Frankl & Jeremy Siepmann
Middle row: Cristina Ortiz, Eleanor Wong,
Li Mingqiang & Gary Graffman
Front row: Vladimir & Thorunn Ashkenazy
Chairman of jury Vladimir Ashkenazy reads the results.

Winner Jin Sang Lee cannot believe the good news.

"You were fantastic!" Dr Anabella Freris
seems to say to Jin Sang Lee.

Celebrity "WAGs":
Annie Frankl & Naomi Graffman

Globe-trotting piano competition
guru Gustav Alink
has been spotted again!

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