Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Van Cliburn International Piano Competition 2009: Semi-finalists selected

The judges have spoken, and the 12 semi-finalists are as follows (by alphabetical order):

BOZHANOV, Evgeni *
DANK, Ran *
DELJAVAN, Alessandro *
KIM, Kyu Yeon *
KUNZ, Eduard
LAM, Andrea *
LIFITS, Michail
SON, Yeol Eum
TSUJII, Nobuyuki *
VACATELLO, Mariangela *
WU, Di
ZHANG, Haochen*

*My picks

No Americans have been selected (Stars and Stripes Forever Denied). I also cannot understand the omission of Lukas Vondracek and Zhang Zuo, major major talents, but these decisions are always bound to be contentious when the competition is so stiff. Minor differences between judges' marks can easily sway the favour to one pianist over another. Cest la vie. Now to the semis...

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Chang Tou Liang said...

Always interesting to catch the gossip on the Cliburn blog ( Especially the (unfortunately and unjustifiably) eliminated Lukas Vondracek and his wife Marina getting themselves into a blogspat with a certain lady pianist and critic, which made for amusing reading (catfight!!!) It all ends with someone posing a youtube segment of that critic playing Für Elise at home. End of argument!

Those posts have since been removed from the Cliburn blog. From the land of the First Amendement, that's rather rich.