Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Chopin amid the palms.

Statue of Frederic Chopin at the Singapore Botanic Gardens,
a work by Polish sculptor Karol Badyna.

This is believed to be the only statue
of a composer in Singapore.

A close-up of Chopin's hands.

What is Chopin playing?
His Polonaise in F sharp minor, Op.44.

The inscription reads:
Frederick Chopin (Szopen) 1810 – 1849
The most eminent of Polish composers
This sculpture is a gift of the people of Poland to Singapore,
in memory of music's greatest tone poets
Made possible by the generous support of:
Halina and Miroslaw Pienkowski and the
Embassy of the Republic of Poland
in Singapore, October 2008
By the look of Chopin's demeanor and posture,
he should have been playing one of his Mazurkas.


JL said...

Hi, I think there is also a statue of Mozart on Parkview square, right in front of the office building, along with the statues of other famous historical figures.

Chang Tou Liang said...

Thanks JL, must check this out! Are there any more composer likenesses elsewhere in Singapore?
Whatever happened to Beethoven's bust after Beethoven Record House closed its shutters?