Saturday, 19 September 2009

Diametrically Divergent Reviews for Hamelin's Haydn on Hyperion

Has there been a piano recording that has received more diametrically divergent reviews than Marc-André-Hamelin's latest instalment of the Haydn Sonatas (on Hyperion)? Read on...

The review by Bryce Morrison, Gramophone (October 2009)

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"...even more dextrous, magical and enriching."

"Hamelin exhibits a coruscating wit and brilliance known to a few pianists."

"...a marvel of precision, grace and fluency."

"...leaving me to pray that Hamelin will continue his Haydn series..."

Here is the review from Graham Lock, International Piano (September/October 2009)

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"Hamelin (for me) gets it all wrong."

"...among the least engaging or sympathetic performances of Haydn's sonatas I've heard."

"...featureless and monochrome - an unforgivable sin".

So which review are you inclined to believe?
Be the judge for yourself and buy the discs!

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