Saturday, 17 October 2009

SSO Music Director LAN SHUI awarded the Cultural Medallion

SSO Music Director LAN SHUI has been awarded the Cultural Medallion (2009), Singapore's highest accolade for artistic endeavour, for his achievement in the field of music. He has been at the helm of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra since 1997, and his work with the orchestra has been legendary. In his own words: "EXCELLENCE IS NOT A DESTINATION, BUT A JOURNEY OF CONTINOUS IMPROVEMENT."

Exclusive photos from the Istana after the Arts Awards ceremony on 16 October 2009.
(Click on images to enlarge)
Music Director Lan Shui with
SSO Directors, past and present.

Maestro Lan Shui is all smiles,
with Prof. Bernard Tan and
former NAC chief Mr Lee Suan Hiang.

The Maestro with yours truly,
who believes that nobody is more deserving
of the Cultural Medallion than "Lan".

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