Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Singapore Musical News in American Record Guide

Its always great to read about Singaporean musicians in a overseas musical period. There are two glowing notices in the November-December 2009 issue of American Record Guide. First is our wonderful girl-next-door Siow Lee Chin's debut CD recording Songs My Father Taught Me:(Click on image to enlarge)

A summary of superlatives from the ever-supportive Robert Markow:

"Seldom have I heard Wieniawski's Concert Polonaise rendered with more flair and visceral enchantment. Rarely have I been more enchanted with Still's Gamin' and Beach's lovely Romance, both played with engaging charm and obvious affection."
"Her technique is flawless... yet it is used only for expressive purposes, never as an end in itself."
"She reveals herself as a fully-formed artist, assertive yet sensitive, infusing meaning into every phrase, taking elegance and finesse to heights seldom reached by her colleagues."
"The sound she draws from that Guadagnini is huge, sumptuous, and rich in every register, reminiscent of David Oistrakh at his peak, with the color of dark amber."

Also in the same issue, a review of Alone, a solo cello recital of 20th and 21st century music by Qin Li-Wei, which includes the World Premiere recording of Ho Chee Kong's Tembusu Evenings.
Is anyone still unconvinced that Singapore is in the midst of a musical renaissance?

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