Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Living with... Doctor Chopin
The Living Room, The Arts House
Monday (3 May 2010)

So it finally took place, the "doctor's prescription" of Frédéric Chopin's music by three Singaporean doctors. The recital was Xiumin's idea, and it was he who galvanised all concerned into our diabolical doctor's plot. The recital was very well attended (to our pleasant surprise), including members of Singapore's Polish community, more doctors and several real pianists.

Xiumin performed the Barcarolle (Op.60) and Polonaise in F sharp minor (Op.44), playing low-seated like a certain Glenn Gould.

With Chopin's bust for good luck, yours truly played a 20 minute suite centred around the Funeral March (from Op.35), dedicated in memory of the lives lost in the April 10 Smolensk air tragedy and the 1940 Katyn massacre.

Kah Kay closed the evening with a Mazurka, Nocturne and the Fantasy in F minor (Op.49). As an encore, he added the Ballade No.4 in F minor (Op.52)

A photo with the Polish Ambassador to Singapore, HE Mr Waldemar Dubaniowski, who was proud that Singaporeans share the same passion for Chopin as Poles themselves.


Steven said...

As a critic taking the stage, did you get that strange feeling that Karma is going to get back at you right there and then?

Chang Tou Liang said...

Steven, not really. As an amateur player(when performing is not a livelihood), these things don't come back to bite you. Instead it keeps you humble, and helps you understand better what professional musicians are about. Thank goodness I don't have to practise on the piano 5 hours a day!