Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Backstage at Victoria Concert Hall, 25.VII.2010

The combined choirs: Singapore Symphony Chorus,
Singapore Bible College Chorale & Philharmonic Chamber Choir
get last minute pointers before the concert.
Master of the House,
VCH Stage Manager, Hamid bin Ansari Marican,
better known as MARICAN.
The two Maestri confer:
Lim Yau & Lan Shui.
The Shui family.
Maestro Lan Shui and his son,
Matthias Shui Ning.
Denizens of the Vic,
Tan Chan Boon (ex-Singapore Youth Orchestra)
PianoManiac (ex-Singapore Symphony Chorus
& ex-Singapore Symphony Orchestra Board)

We'll be back in 3 years!

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Steven said...

Its the end of an era. Can't wait to grace the renovated stage in 3 years time!