Thursday, 26 August 2010

CD Review (The Straits Times. August 2010)

EQ Music 72161

Repertoire for five pianos is understandably scarce, which is why the Utah-born Mormon siblings rely almost completely on specially-commissioned transcriptions. Film music, the main focus here, lends itself well for this kind of treatment. The arrangements of John Williams’ Star Wars music are largely enjoyable, the percussion-driven rhythms of the Imperial March, Mos Eisley Cantina and ubiquitous Main Theme having a ring of familiarity. Also evocative are Bernard Hermann’s music to Hitchcock thrillers Psycho, Vertigo and North By Northwest.

Some selections however fall flat. Other than Over The Rainbow by Harold Arlen, The Wizard Of Oz Fantasy is rather thin on substance. Philip Glass’ theme for The Hours also comes across as mindless doodling. There are several solos, Scott Joplin’s Solace (used in The Sting) and Stephen Hough’s transcription of My Favourite Things (The Sound Of Music) get good performances from Gregory and Melody Brown respectively. A mixed bag, but that is no deterrence to an hour or so of pleasant listening.

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