Thursday, 21 October 2010

Russia's YULIANNA AVDEEVA wins 2010 Chopin International Piano Competition

The march of the women continues. After Sofya Gulyak's triumph at the 2009 Leeds International Piano Competition, another Russian woman pianist has won 1st prize at the 2010 Chopin International Piano Competition. She is YULIANNA AVDEEVA. She is also the first woman since Martha Argerich in 1965 to win the coveted first prize at the Warsaw Chopin. And she'll certainly look good on the cover of a Deutsche Grammophon CD recording.

Performances from her recitals in Warsaw may be heard here:

The final placings are as follows:
1. Yulianna Avdeeva (Russia)
2. Lukas Geniušas (Russia/Lithuania)
2. Ingolf Wunder (Austria)
3. Daniil Trifonov (Russia)
4. Evgeni Bozhanov (Bulgaria)
5. François Dumont (France)
6. not awarded

Distinctions go to:
Nikolay Khozyainov (Russia)
Miroslav Kultyshev (Russia)
Hélène Tysman (France)
Paweł Wakarecy (Poland)

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