Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Scenes from Hanoi's Old Quarter

Hanoi's Old Quarter is a tiny jam-packed little district north of Hoan Kiem Lake. Far from being a tourist trap, it teems with life of daily commerce, living and is, of course, filled with tourists. Imagine an unsanitised version of Singapore's Chinatown, the old Bugis Street and Little India all rolled into one, a throwback to Singapore of the tuberculous 1960s.

Vendors of all kinds ply the streets of the Old Quarter.

A pet taxi on 2 wheels.

A propaganda poster shop next to a police post.
What will they think of next?

Is this Hanoi's narrowest tubehouse
and narrowest temple?

Hanoi or Paris?

Panorama of rooftops
from the Asia Star Hotel.

The old East Gate (O Chuong Vuong).

The restored house-temple at 28 Hang Buom Street.

The restored house at 87 Ma May Street.

The Golden Bell (Traditional Vietnamese) Theatre,
at the corner of Hang Bac and Ta Hien Streets.

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