Thursday, 10 March 2011


People have been complaining that it is expensive to visit the newly opened ArtScience Museum at the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort. Admission fees range from $17 to $30 per head, and there is no re-admission policy. Children from 2-12 get it cheap at $17, while senior citizens can sneak in at only $27. A family of 5 will be set back some $111 for a short visit, which is more or less about what a Singaporean gets to pay to enter the casino.


Don't they know the ArtScience Museum is not some National Heritage Board project, which welcomes everybody with their subsidised rates? ArtScience Museum is run by the Marina Bay Sands, which is an all-for-profit organisation. So no free lunch or free culture.

Their corporate minds must be thinking: Since you're a fool enough to part with $100 in order to lose several thousands more, what is a mere $30? In fact, you're being heavily subsidised for coming around here to sniff the air, when you should be losing your pants at blackjack. In short, No Money No Honey. In the meantime, MBS would love to have more of your cash!

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