Sunday, 6 March 2011

Singapore's last piece of Eden: SUNGEI BULOH WETLAND RESERVE

No longer one of Singapore's best kept secrets, the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is a last piece of Eden left on our concrete-forested island. A favourite haunt of my family's, its biological diversity and serenity (never mind the hordes of students and tourists) makes it a frequently visited locale.

Its generally safe here, but
watch out for the occasional croc!
The ubiquitous Water Monitor Lizard
(Varanus salvator) is a generally shy creature
despite its dramatic appearance.

Frolicsome sea otters are a rare sighting.

Panorama of a mangrove in high tide.

Children's art adorn the ceilings
of the pavilions on stilits.

The Sungei Buloh marshland with
Johore (Malaysia) in the background.

Can you spot the giant mudskipper?

Gnarled trees with hanging roots.

The majestic Sungei Buloh.

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