Friday, 27 May 2011

CD Reviews (The Straits Times, May 2011)

BACH Flute Sonatas (arranged for recorder)
HUGO REYNE, Recorder / Mirare 038 / *****

J.S.Bach wrote a small collection of works for flute with basso continuo accompaniment, spanning over a couple of decades. Unlike his usual sets of six works for other instruments, these were isolated pieces, written for certain performers in mind. The Sonata (BWV.1033) from 1731 was thought to be a joint work by Bach senior and his 17-year--old son Carl Philipp Emanuel. Three of four sonatas in this album and the Suite (BWV.977) are conceived in the four-movement schema of the sonata da chiesa (church sonata), alternating slow and fast movements.

Although transposed for the recorder, these works sound perfectly idiomatic, with Hugo Reyne crafting a totally pleasing tone that soothes the ear. His partners Emmanuelle Guigues (viola da gamba) and Pierre Hantai (harpsichord) make a solid team for these pieces. Listen for the counterpoint in the fugues and the brisk finales, which take the form of lively gigues. These 70 minutes make totally enjoyable listening.

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