Sunday, 26 June 2011

Finalists of International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition 2011 announced

The five finalists of the International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition 2011 have been named. Over the next 4 evenings (27-30 June 2011), they will perform 2 concertos each, one of which must be by Tchaikovsky. No surprises, all of them have elected to perform the First Piano Concerto in B flat minor (Op.23) over the much-maligned (and more difficult to pull off) Second Piano Concerto in G major (Op.44). The finalists include two Russians, one Ukrainian and two Koreans. They will be performing in this sequence:

ALEXANDER ROMANOVSKY (Ukraine): Tchaik 1 / Rachmaninov 3

SEONG JIN CHO (Korea): Rachmaninov 3 / Tchaik 1

DANIIL TRIFONOV (Russia): Tchaik 1 / Chopin 1

YEOL EUM SON (Korea): Rachmaninov 3 / Tchaik 1

ALEXEI CHERNOV (Russia): Tchaik 1 / Brahms 1

The concerts may be caught on-line at:

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