Tuesday, 21 June 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia / 17-19 June 2011

Here's the reason why I missed much of this year's Singapore International Piano Festival. Having made a final rail trip up north to Kuala Lumpur, we could not resist doing a spot of sightseeing and shopping. If Singaporeans thought they had it good, the Malaysians can be said to have surpassed their neighbours in many other ways.

A view of Kuala Lumpur's Golden Triangle from the KL Tower.

A view of the Petronas Twin Towers from KL Tower.

The conjoint phallic symbols of Malaysian economic might.

Lush KLCC Park, the Malaysian "Central Park".

The Malaysian Philharmonic @ Dewan Filharmonik Petronas.

Bustling Bukit Bintang by night.

The National Monument, dedicated to heroes of the Malayan Emergency 1948-1960.

Forestry Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM).

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