Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Singapore Architecture: From Mackenzie Road to McNally Street

How does one attend an event at the LaSalle College of the Arts without incurring exorbitant ERP and car parking charges? The solution: park at the fairly large carpark at the end of Mackenzie Road, just by the edge of the Istana. Its free after 5pm besides being outside of the CBD. Total costs: 0 dollars 0 cents! Then take a leisurely walk to Selegie Road where the imposing LaSalle College edifice is within a stone's throw. Meanwhile, enjoy some interesting buildings along the way.

New condominiums on a recently gentrified Mackenzie Road, with the old bus depot (now a used car mart) just across the street nearby.

The venerable Rex Theatre with its age-old banyan tree. I remember watching Earthquake (starring Charlton Heston) with Sensurround here with my kid brothers.

Ellison Building with its eateries. The Star of David on its facade suggests that its first owners (or builders) were Jewish.

The ugly new look of Sungai Road, part of Little India.

The LaSalle College of the Arts, one of Singapore's most distinctive looking buildings.

Airy spaces and skybridges link its buildings.

The address is 1 McNally Street, named after Brother Joseph McNally, one of Singapore's pioneer artists and educators, and LaSalle's most famous principal.

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