Sunday, 21 August 2011


Hand it to the powers that be in Singapore. They've truly gotten the young people of the nation state engaged in some kind of creative and worthwhile activity. If it isn't hours of tuition, study centres, national service, SYF, or playing in ├╝ber-youth orchestras, they have some way of expressing themselves, besides the rioting and looting of British youths. Baybeats is an alternative festival organised by Esplanade, with its deafening rock concerts and display of graffiti art. Some of these are actually rather good...

When does graffiti become installation art? Here are some answers:

Has this something to do with the many corpses that have surfaced in recent months?

A loo with a view.

Or else the Kitchen God...

Bender's office.

Graffitists of today are the artists of tomorrow.

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