Thursday, 22 September 2011

SEPARATED AT BIRTH? Pianists and their Lookalikes Part 1

Here's the full monty, all the pianist lookalikes one could possibly imagine. Maybe I'll think of more in the years to come.

Okay, Lang Lang and Vanessa-Mae don't look exactly alike, but the pose of ecstasy on their CD covers is unmistakeable. Maybe they have the same agent. This is getting to be old hat...

What about this, Dennis the Menace from those Beano comics is probably the inspiration for Lang Lang's stylist.

If you don't believe it, here's more...

Dennis's arch-enemy is Walter the Softy, who is a dead-ringer for the recent Van Cliburn competition winner Zhang Haochen. He's definitely the antithesis of Lang the Menace.

The striking resemblance between Piotr Andreszewski and David Duchovny isn't just a rumour about clandestine cloning from The X Files.

What happens if Tell Fellner gets bitten by a radioactive spider? He turns into Tobey Maguire!

Christ? Doesn't Frank Braley look like a Byzantine Jesus?

These hot Latina mamas! Gabriela Montero and JLo are mucho caliente!

Here's a mystery that only Gustav Alink can solve. Esther Park (left) and Park Sun-A (right) are young Korean-American pianists, born in 1984 and 1988 respectively. Both studied at The Juilliard School under Veda Kaplinsky and are active in the piano competition circuit. Surely they must be sisters?

I could not resist this especially because Nicholas Loh is a friend. He's quite deadly in Kapustin, Rzewski and Stravinsky as Odd Job, Auric Goldfinger's male-servant, is with his bowler hat.

Was Fido Dido modelled after Nigel Kennedy?

A tribute to J.R.R.Tolkien. Here come the Musical Hobbits (from L): cellist Steven Isserlis, pianist Evgeny Kissin, pianist Paul Lewis and conductor Sir Simon Rattle. Please feel free to add you own musical hobbits to this list!

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