Sunday, 30 October 2011

3rd Hong Kong International Piano Competition / People Watching and Behind the Scenes

An orderly line forms as the audience awaits entry into Hong Kong's City Hall Concert Hall for the finals of the 3rd Hong Kong International Piano Competition.

Young Taiwanese pianist Tsai Min Hao, only 14 years of age, meets with his adoring fans, mostly consisting of "aunties".

Ilya Rashkovskiy, 1st prize winner of the 1st Hong Kong IPC in 2005, and his wife Kayo Ueda have just celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary.

Italian pianist Giuseppe Andaloro has his own legion of fans.

Top piano pedagogues of Hong Kong and Malaysia, Eleanor Wong and Snezana Panovska, and their significant others, Sun Sun and Milan.

You're not a significant piano competition unless Dr Gustav Alink (centre), guru of the world's piano concours, attends. He is flanked by John Roos (Pretoria, South Africa) and Jinsang Lee, 1st Prizewinner of the 2nd Hong Kong International Piano Competition in 2008.

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