Sunday, 9 October 2011

CIRCLE LINE OPENS / From Botanic Gardens to Harbourfront

At long last, the Circle Line Mass Rapid Transit has opened, with two stations within walking distance very near home. The first day, Saturday 8 October 2001, saw the Botanic Gardens Station open its doors, and it was a smooth sailing trip all the way to Harbourfront station. Some day, I'll even go the other direction to Esplanade.

The exterior of Botanic Gardens MRT station, which is as green as one might expect.

The spacious interior and an appopriately floral motif in the Botanic Gardens station.

The trains are shorter, with fewer carriages, but equally roomy.

As the trains are driverless. passengers in the front carriage are afforded a view of the oncoming tracks, as the train careens at high speed from one station to the next.

Finally, we reach Harbourfront station and VivoCity, all within 25 minutes.

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