Monday, 31 October 2011


Is this "Occupy Statue Square, Hong Kong", part of the worldwide movement of peaceful protests against the evils of capitalism and financial institutions? No, its just a usual Sunday afternoon at Hong Kong's Central district when the roads are closed to allow a peaceful and almost carnival-like mingling of immigrant workers.

A well-behaved throng outside of the Legislative Council building. They could be having a protest, but who knows?

Happy and contented sitters below the City Hall high block.

The road's closed so the pedestrians come out in full force.

Would you believe it, a beauty pageant for foreign domestic workers. What is your greatest mission in life, one candiate was asked. Her confident reply was, "the caring and nurturing of children is my life." What about world peace?

At the subway tunnel on the way to City Hall.

More crowds, this time buying handphones and SIM cards.

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