Monday, 30 January 2012

Introducing the BASSO CANARIES

If you are free next Monday evening, why not spend an hour or so with The Basso Canaries, Singapore's latest vocal duo...


Where: The Arts House

When: Monday 6 February 2012. 8pm

How much: $12 only (a good bargain!)


Founded in 2011, The Basso Canaries are two young local baritones Andrew Xiao Chunyuan & Steven Ang. These two vocalists have known each other when they were private students of Madam Elena Ng Choy-Luan, a famous Singaporean vocal educator, and perform together often in duets and as section leaders of choirs. As both aspire to professional careers in the arts, they have decided to form a performing duo with the moniker of The Basso Canaries.

The programme includes:

A selection of Chinese art songs

MAHLER Lieder Eines Fahrenden Gesellen

BARBER Three Songs after James Joyce

ANDREW XIAO Three Years and Eight Months (World Premiere)

Steven Ang is an up-and-coming performer and arts journalist in the region. Currently studying classical vocal music in Taipei’s Soochow University, his main teachers are Singaporeans Reuben Lai, Elena Ng and Taiwanese Sun Ching-Chi.

Steven is active in the theatre, classical music and choral scenes and has performed in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Mainland China. Companies he has worked with include the Singapore Broadway Playhouse (ensemble actor), Echo Philharmonic Society (bass section leader and soloist), Musical Theatre Ltd (supporting role, undertaken in only two weeks), Singapore Symphony (chorus member), Taipei’s Cherubim Singers (vocal ensemble) and YinQi Symphony Chorus. Recent performances include recitals in Taiwan and Singapore, charity performances and chorus member for Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and Verdi’s Aida (co-production by the Taipei Symphony and Opera di Roma, undertaken in only 18 days).

In addition to performing, Steven is also the founder and editor of local opera e-zine The Mad Scene ( and Classical and Opera columnist for Time Out Singapore. His writings have also been featured in 8 Days and The Straits Times.

Born to a family of artistic culture, Chunyuan graduated recently from Singapore Raffles Music College with a Foundation Degree, equivalent to the UK’s Higher National Diploma as certified by the University Of West London. Xiao became interested in singing during his secondary school days and this led him to come to a decision to learn singing in 2005 with Madam Elena Ng Choy Luan, a Singaporean soprano, notably famous for educating good singers. Under her tutelage, Xiao was awarded Grade 5 Merit by ABRSM that year.

Xiao was chosen to record the theme song for the Adidas China commercial advertisement in 2008. He was part of the pioneering batch of music students at the Singapore Raffles Music College, studying for an Advanced Diploma in Classical Singing. Late 2009, Xiao was transferred to Mr. William Lim, well-known opera and oratorio singer in the Asia region. In 2010, Xiao was awarded 2nd prize at the 4th Zhong Sin International Music Competition, Male Vocal Open category. He also received a Diploma in Singing by the London College of Examinations Board, Thames Valley University. In late December 2011, Xiao received the honour of being one of the vocalists chosen to perform all new vocal works by Singaporean composers. In addition to singing, Xiao is also a composer and arranger. Two of his new works, Ding Dong Bells and The Ring That Left Behind have received their world premieres on 12th February this year. His music is available at and

The pianists for the evening are Beatrice Lin and Iris Koh.

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