Monday, 17 September 2012

One of Singapore's Best Kept Secrets: Republic Cultural Centre


Where is the best place in Singapore to hear orchestral concerts? If you said Esplanade Concert Hall or SOTA Concert Hall, then think again. One of Singapore music scene's best kept secrets is the concert hall of Repbublic Polytechnic, the Republic Cultural Centre. Located close to the northern tip of Singapore island, it is nearer to Johore Bahru than any other concert venue.
Last weekend, the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory Orchestra gave its first concert at RCC, and the audience was treated to a sound they have probably never heard before in Singapore. Not only is the hall naturally reverberant, every detail from the orchestra could be heard from a great distance away. The best seats are in the Circle, and when the music of Star Wars is played, one truly feels the the full impact of the score. Its much better than being in the movie theatre!  

The foyer of the Concert Hall at Republic Cultural Centre

The 1150-seat concert hall is supposedly modelled on a pre-existing concert hall in Japan, one already famed for its acoustics. The Singapore Symphony Orchestra will come calling soon, and that would be one concert to catch, never mind the extra distance!

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