Sunday, 30 December 2012

Panoramas of Bali, Indonesia

Believe it or not, this is my third trip to the islands of Indonesia within the last third of this year. Having visited Java and Sumatra previously, it was time again to visit Bali. Although this trip was about music, that did not deter me from doing a spot of sightseeing as well. The coastal Hindu temple of Pura Tanah Lot has to be the most hyped up and photographed sight in the whole of the Bali. That is not surprising given its highly picturesque location, situated on a headland which was previously joined to the main island. The rocky bridge has already be eroded by the constant bashing by the sea, and all is left is the island and a few stony steps. It is still possible to wade to the island when the tide is low.

Tourists arrive by their busloads, and it is most crowded in the evening when people come to view the temple at sunset. Morning is not a such as bad time to come, but the sun is blazing hot. However, one is able to take some nice and dramatic shots of the temple at this time when the sun is eastward rather than directly overhead. Is Tanah Lot much ado about nothing? Maybe, but it remains one of Bali's most beautiful and romantic spots.

The view of the promontary opposite of Tanah Lot and lots of tourists!

The mountain that dominates much of the West Bali coastline is Batukaru.

A view of another temple, Pura Gede Luhu Batungaus, located south of Tanah Lot, as seen from the lush gardens of Villa Ombak Laut at Cemangi.

The idyllic swimming pool of Villa Ombak Laut.

Every villa has its own temple.

The sea-front view of Villa Ombak Laut and Tanju Bali.

The villa of Tanju Bali.

A great view of Pura Gede Luhu Batungaus at low tide.

The glory of the sea, carving fissures through the rocks on the sea off Cemagi.

Another view of the sea off Cemagi.

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