Friday, 31 May 2013

14th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition: End of Preliminary Rounds / Awaiting the Results

Before the reception, the American pianists
play (à la Tom Hanks) on a giant foot keyboard.
They attempt some Bach before giving up. 

It is always a tense time before the first results of a competition gets announced. This is the first round of eliminations at the 14th Van Cliburn International Competition. The pianists and their supporters are suitably worried. Who gets to stay and who goes home will be decided in a matter of minutes. 

That is why the Alink-Argerich Foundation (AAF), the world authority on international piano competitions, has organised a reception for the pianists before they face the chop. It is a good time for the competitions and their host families to relax, meet other pianists, members of the media and other well-wishers over light refreshments. 

The ubiquitous Dr Gustav A.Alink makes a short
welcome speech. Receptions are held at ten
international piano competitions every year. 

Japanese critic Nobuko has words of encouragement for
Tomoki Sakata, the competition's only Japanese competitor.
Alex McDonald (USA) and Jayson Gillham (Australia/UK)
meet for the first time.
This year's Russian contingent at Fort Worth:
Alexey Chernov (with his missus), Yuri Favorin
and Nikita Mndoyants (from L to R).

Getting to know you...

All 30 pianists parade on stage for the last time.

Here are the 12 semi-finalists standing in alphabetical
order:  Abrosimov, Chen, Chernov, Dong,
Deljavan, Gillham, Huangci, Kholodenko,
Khozyainov, Mndoyants, Rana and Sakata. 

Posing for the press.

One last selfie for the road:
Pianomaniac with Ol' Ron DeFord.
(Not quite ZZ Top!)

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