Sunday, 19 May 2013


After two gruelling rounds of competition, the 12 finalists of the Queen Elisabeth International Piano Competition 2013, held in Brussels, have been named. They were selected from a field of 62 pianists who participated in the Preliminary Round. The pianists, who will perform in the following sequence in the finals (held from 27 May to 1 June 2013 are as follows:

Tatiana Chernichka (Russia)
Zhang Zuo (China)
Remi Geniet (France)
Roope Gröndahl (Finland)
Stanislav Khristenko (Russia)
Boris Giltburg (Israel)
Yuntian Liu (China)
Andrew Tyson (USA)
Sangyoung Kim (South Korea)
David Fung (Australia)
Sean Kennard (USA) and
Mateusz Borowiak (Poland)

The finalists were announced yesterday and there is a 8-day-long hiatus in which the 12 finalists are housed in a chateau where they will learn the commissioned work for piano and orchestra (the composer of which has not been officially announced). When the grand finals begin, each pianist will perform that new work and a concerto of their own choice with the National Orchestra of Belgium conducted by Marin Alsop. This unusual arrangement is unique in the world of piano competitions. 

Six of the finalists will be ranked from 1st to 6th, while the others will be accorded finalist status. (Perhaps this might avert the situation in earlier editions of the competition when names like Mitsuko Uchida or Peter Frankl got placed 10th or 12th, or something just as embarassing.)

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Anonymous said...

this is a competition of absurd proportions. how did xu gehui not make it at least into the semifinals?

And andrew tyson managing to get this far is nothing short of a bad joke..