Tuesday, 28 May 2013

People-Watching at THE CLIBURN Part 2: Pianists, Jurors & Critics

Vadym Kholodenko speaks with
Japanese critic Haruka Kosaka after
his stupendous preliminary round performance. 

Fei-Fei Dong is as excited as
everyone else with her performances.

Alessandro Deljavan with his teacher William Grant Naboré.

Well-known Chinese pedagogue Dan Zhaoyi
(former teacher of Yundi Li), is a member
of the audience instead of the jury.
Shouldn't he be in Brussels instead
to watch his former student Zuo Zhang?

Jurors Michel Béroff and Minoru Nojima.
Minoru Nojima confers with Italian juror Andrea Bonatta
and Gustav Alink. Elizabeth Carr and Richard Casper
remember well Nojima's 1969 competition performances.

Chairman of the Jury John Giordano (in a suit) leaves
Bass Hall just before the shooting begins.
A bevy of Japanese critics:
Nobuko Fujimaki, Haruka Kosaka & Eriko Sugano.

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