Sunday, 26 May 2013

Scenes from Bass Performing Hall, Fort Worth, Texas

The angels of Bass Hall. 

Bass Performance Hall is where the entire Van Cliburn International Piano Competition takes place. It is the pride of the city, located within Sundance Square where there seems to be lots of development taking place. It has close to perfect acoustics and where piano dreams are made. Fronting the hall are two gigantic stone angels, whose trumpets, I've been told, are part of the hall's ventilation system. 

The first thing one sees on entering Bass Hall is a notice barring firearms. Don't forget that Texas is cowboy country. Just don't ask me what the 51% means.  
I finally made it! 
After years of wishful thinking, it was a dream to come
to Fort Worth to catch The Cliburn. Piano paradise indeed. 

The ceiling of the foyer in Bass Hall. The national flags of  participants in the competition are flown here.

The Cliburn giftshop, full of overpriced kitsch. Look out for the retrospective competition CDs, which are a bargain.

Just could not resist wearing my cowboy hat to a Texas competition.

The celestial ceiling of Bass Hall, and the upper balconies.

A Fort Worth standing ovation. (Standometer: **1/2)
Chinese pedagogue Dan Zhaoyi appears unmoved.

Bass clef at the Bass Hall toilet, which has good acoustics too.
You can hear the farts very clearly many cubicles away. 

Bass Hall at dusk.

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