Monday, 27 May 2013


Part II: The Stockyards

A trip to “Cowtown” is incomplete without a visit to Fort Worth’s historic Stockyards District. This is located north of the city and is easily navigable by public transport. Away from the city’s skyscrapers, it was a walk down history, notably the Wild West that we commonly associate in those cowboy movies. There was a “Main Street”, with its obligatory saloons, hotel, a coliseum (for cattle auctions), corrals and a disused railway line eerily reminiscent of Auschwitz. 

But there were no heads of cattle to be seen, just a handful of tourists (mostly centred around the watering holes), and lots of empty shops. I bought an obligatory cowboy hat (to complement my cowboy hat from Thailand), had dinner in H3 Ranch, and wolfed down what was possibly the biggest and juiciest steak I ever laid my eyes on.

The lazy drag that leads down to the Stockyards.

Trying to look like a Texan.
The only problem was no one else was wearing cowboy hats!

Now you know you are in Texas.

Cowtown Coliseum.
The Livestock Exchange.

The place where Texan longhorns are viewed,
except that none of them were spotted.
On the right is the rotary for the train engine,
it turns 180 degrees to make a return journey.
A railway line that runs through the Exchange.

A one way journey for most cattle.

The best part of my Stockyards tour:
the best steak meal I have ever had,
at H3 Ranch Grill and Restaurant!

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