Saturday, 15 June 2013


The Parthenon Marbles at the British Museum.
Greece wants them back, but the Brits are not budging.
Given the Greek economy, tis probably better to stay put.

Here are more panoramas from our short holiday to London. Besides the usual sightseeing, there was enough time to see a little bit of the country and visit old friends in Essex.

More marbles at the British Museum.

Not everything is there, but one gets the idea.

The Great Hall in the Tudor wing of
Hampton Court Palace.

Beautiful gardens outside the Georgian wing
of Hampton Court Palace.

The "Secret Garden".

Rapeseed fields in Essex.

Little country town of Hatfield Heath, Essex.

A most British of institutions,
a vintage car show at Hatfield Heath.

The green of Matching Green.
This little hamlet was home to painter Augustus John
and oilman/athlete/pianist Neil Franks Esq. 

The lovely 15th century home Lascelles, Matching Green,
now on sale at around GBP 2.5 million.
That's cheap by Singapore standards.

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