Tuesday, 3 September 2013


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Some background information:

The Young Virtuoso Recital Series is now part of The Asian Pianist Recital Series, organised by Singapore Conference Hall. The Young Virtuoso Recital was created in 2005 to highlight talented young Singaporean pianists who otherwise did not have a chance to showcase their musical abilities due to the lack of opportunities. It was first parked in the Singapore International Piano Festival from 2005 to 2009, until it was unceremoniously dropped by the Singapore Symphonia Co. Ltd. (which has since featured zero Singaporeans).   

There was just one stipulation for each performer: they were to include an original piano work by a Singaporean or Singapore-based composer in their recital.  

Young Singaporeans who have played in this series (and composers featured) were:

2005: Lim Yan 
2006: Lee Pei Ming (Dick Lee)
2007: Albert Lin (Zechariah Goh, Joyce Koh & PM.Lindborg)
2008: Sandi Koh (Tan Chan Boon)
2009: Nicholas Loh (John Sharpley)
2009: Yao Xiao Yun (Leong Yoon Pin)
2013: Abigail Sin (Emily Koh)
2013: Azariah Tan (Kawai Shiu)

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