Monday, 21 October 2013


The view of Victoria Harbour from Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry terminal.

Hong Kong is a city without limits. Like London and New York, it makes other cities like Singapore pale in comparison. Thank goodness I don’t live in Hong Kong, and I just get to visit once or twice a year, if only to indulge in the decadent excesses which I truly love it for.                   


The Joy of Music Festival takes place for a week every October.
Attending concerts every night of the week.

The truth be told: HMV doesn't do much classical nowadays.
Shopping in HMV at 9.30 am in the morning.

Lo Mai Kai  makes a quick and inexpensive HK breakfast.
My favourite one is at the Fairwood chain.
Having lo mai kai (glutinous rice chicken) every breakfast.

The HK Academy of Performing Arts brings out
the best in musical prodigies. 
Hobnobbing with child prodigy pianists past and present.

None of these box-sets can be found in Singapore.
Buying 11 CD box-sets in the space of 5 days (that’s 202 CDs in total).

Singapore string group re:mix gave a super concert
at the HK Academy of Performing Arts. 
Flying all the way to Hong Kong to hear a Singaporean group perform.

Have you ever tried walking down Central?
Besides the tram trip costs just HKD 2.30 (40 cents).
Taking the tram down Central instead of walking 500 metres.

Having said everything he needed to say about
music criticism last year, Jeremy Siepmann 

asked me to talk about the subject instead.
We decided on a happy compromise.
Getting to interview Jeremy Siepmann on music criticism.

Sizzling steaks at Sweetheart Garden Restaurant. Enough said.
Having sizzling steak for three consecutive meals.

I’m certainly to be punished for all these excesses… but at least I’ll go happily!

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