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The Ho Prabang is the shrine in which the holiest
golden Buddha statue (the Prabang) is housed.
In the background is the Royal Palace Museum.

More of the great and lesser temples of Luang Prabang, Laos. As most of the old town of Luang Prabang is easily navigable by foot, one can visit all the temples in a relatively short space of time. It is preferable to take one's time to savour all the details of each Wat (or Vat), especially the ones which the official tour omit. I managed to cover about 15 of the 30 temples spotted around town, and each one has its own charm and beauty.

Wat Paduak is located at the foot of Mount Phousi
just opposite the Royal Palace Museum.

Wat Paduak is famous for its murals, which depict
foreigners and troops visiting Luang Prabang.

That Chomsi is the shrine located on the summit of
Mount Phousi, and can be seen from miles away.

Different views of That Chomsi from ground level.

More views of That Chomsi, from Wat Aphai.

Wat Mai is the temple located just beside the Royal Palace
Museum, famous for its five-tiered roof and gilded facade.

The ornately gilded facade of Wat Mai.

Climbing up Mount Phousi is a must for all visitors, and one
encounters the Buddha Footprint Temple on the way to the top.

A spectacular view of the Nam Khan River
from Mount Phousi and the Buddha Footprint Temple.

The gilded Sandi Chedi is a sight for sore eyes,
viewed from the distance across the Nam Khan River.

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