Monday, 19 May 2014


SHANGHAI is without doubt the most cosmopolitan city in China, and one of the greatest metropolises of the world. A night out in the streets of Shanghai is one of the most colourful experiences one can possibly have, and the best part is this: enoying its myriad shades of psychedelia is actually free of charge.

With my handy and relatively cheap Casio Exilim camera, here are some of the night photographs (all taken without flash), using its nifty (if not somewhat tacky) HD Art function, that enhances some of the psychedelic colours. These photos came one night after the Singapore Chinese Orchestra's concert at the Shanghai Spring Music Festival, when we had a comfortable day off.

The famous Huxinting teahouse in Shanghai's Yuyuan Bazaar.
This photo does not make use of the HD Art function.
while the others below do.

Another view of Shanghais' most picturesque teahouse,
which is reached via the Jiuqu Bridge with 9 bends.

Its a little hike from Yuyuan to the Bund, bit its worth it
to capture the Bund illuminated at night.
Its two most famous edifices are
the Pudong Development Bank (former HSBC)
and Customs House with its clock tower,

The most iconic view of Shanghai:
the skyscrapers of Pudong as viewed from the Bund.

Here's another shot with a tourist clipper
brightly lit up like a Christmas tree.

The Peace Hotel and China Bank building.

The neon-signs of East Nanjing Road.

Thes most famous stretch of East Nanjing Road,
with the facades of its most famous
departmental stores.

Its a short but extremely garish walk.

I could not resist a final view of Shanghai Pudong.
Just imagine the electric bills the Chinese chalk up every year! 

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