Sunday, 14 September 2014

SSO @ BBC PROMS / Review, Report and Reactions

Here are The Straits Times reviews and reports of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra's recent BBC Proms debut on 2 September 2014. Needless to say, the national orchestra covered itself with pride and made the nation proud of its achievements. Above is the ST review by fellow music reviewer Mervin Beng on 4 September. By the way, shouldn't the byline read "SSO sizzles" rather than "SSO sizzle"?

Also included is the official report by ST arts writer Lisabel Ting on 5 September, which quotes the Facebook of Minister for Culture, Communications and Youth Lawrence Wong who was in London for the concert.

He had posted this photo of the audience reaction at the end of the concert, which showed a Singapore flag being proudly flown... by a British gentleman Neil Franks Esq. who had lived in Singapore for 30 years before returning to England. 

Here is Neil Franks's letter to The Straits Times forum page on 6 September declaring his pride to have enjoyed and appreciated the Singapore's music scene over the years.

Here's another photo of the Singapore flag
proudly flown at the Royal Albert Hall
(Photo: Courtesy of  Mr Goh Yew Lin)

... and my letter to The Straits Times in the hope that some day, a Singaporean composer's work gets played by the SSO the next time it gets invited to the BBC Proms. This is followed by SSO General Manager Anthony Brice's reply, which does give some hope for the future. Let's hope that the BBC bites!

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