Saturday, 11 July 2015


Veni Creator Spiritus,
the imposing opening of the symphony.

There's one more evening to go, but the Orchestra of the Music Makers' performances of Mahler's Eighth Symphony, or the "Symphony of a Thousand", will go down in the annals of Singapore music history as the most ambitious project ever undertaken by a youth orchestra. Forget the youth part, the first evening on 10 July 2015 would have made any professional orchestra in the world proud.
As Singaporeans, we are proud that the State has so whole-heartedly supported the performance of classical music that these performances in the wonderful Esplanade Concert Hall were even possible. Forget the self pats on the back, and just enjoy the photographs!  

A climax in the first part is reached.

The magical Chorus Mysticus
brings the symphony to a spiritual close.

Applause all round for the 350 performers.

Each and every performer was
acknowledged by name in the
giant screens high above the stage.

Conductor Chan Tze Law introduces
Zubir Said's City Council Song and
how Majulah Singapura came to being.

Now we have a thousand performers
for the National Anthem, Majulah Singapura.

Soprano Janani Sridhar leads in the
singing of Majulah Singapura.
It was a breathtaking evening.
Thank you, OMM for the
greatest musical gift to the entire nation!

All photographs by the kind permission of the Orchestra of the Music Makers.

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JOE RABBIT said...

Amazing and wonderful performance by OMM.