Tuesday, 17 November 2015

CHINESE ORCHESTRAL MUSICIANS & STAFF KNOW HOW TO HAVE FUN! Photographs from the Singapore Chinese Orchestra Annual Dinner & Dance 2015

The Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) held its annual dinner and dance on Saturday 14 November 2015 at the Grand Park City Hall Hotel. The theme of the evening was "Occupation Fantasy", and everyone was asked to come dressed up in their dream occupations. Essentially this was a cosplay party, and it seems that SCO staff and musicians craved being cabin crew of a certain airline or playing at doctors and nurses!

As one can see in the photos below, the event was a blast. Chinese orchestral musicians and staff (and their board members too) really know how to have fun!  

Music Director Yeh Tsung enjoys
being the Shanghai mob or a pirate!
A typical surgical ward at SCH,
or Singapore Chinese Hospital!
Carry On Nurse / Carry On Doctor
S/N Jocelyn Ng, Wei Ying & Jacelyn Chay (Admin),
Gynaecologist Dr Wu Ke Fei
& Proctologist Dr Wilson Neo (zhonghu players) 
Do I hear a murmur?
Cardiologist Dr Chin Woon Ying diagnoses
Board Member Patrick Goh with RHD
(Romantic Heart Disease)!
Guess who's the real medico here?

The ladies are looking glamourous:
Xu Wen Jing (gaohu), Tang Jia (cello) & Zhao Li (erhu)
while the men much less so:
Prof Ho Chee Kong, Father Moses Gay (Assistant
Conductor) & a penitent.
Resident Conductor Quek Ling Kiong
gets the "treatment" from SCH.
SCA: Singapore Chinese Airlines
A Great Way To Fly!
Kevin Cheng (sheng), Rebecca Chng, Gao Shihui,
Abbie Tan, Lim Fen Ni & Shi Tian Chan (admin).
A special award for those who
did not take a single day's MC!
The best dressed groups!
Pipa player Tan Joon Chin
takes out the trash.
Father Gay enjoys Bon Jovi songs.
Guys just wanna have fun:
Yeh Tsung, SCO Chairman Patrick Lee,
Patrick Goh & Han Lei (guanzi) 
Father Moses Gay & Prof Ho Chee Kong
before they were blackmailed.
What a bash that was!

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