Thursday, 17 March 2016


Every two years, the National Arts Council (NAC) holds a Thank You Dinner for the members of its multiple arts resource and advisory committees. I have sat on several of these, the longest being the committee for the National Piano and Violin Competition. The stand-up dinner was held at the Gilman Arts Hub, well-known for its many art galleries, which had recently received some stick for its relevance in local art consumption scene.

Nevertheless, the NAC has done much work and dished out much lucre for the many arts groups in Singapore over the years, without which our arts scene would be in a much poorer state. My personal stand has been that Western opera has not been helped enough, and our three local opera companies are barely scraping to produce one major production a year. That is something which our nation - and the powers that be - should address. 

Anyway, here are some photos to see who turned up for dinner this year: 

A night time view of Gilman's Block 7.
NAC Chairman Prof Chan Heng Chee
gave a short speech so that people could
get to the chow pretty quick.
Expat composers now naturalised:
Robert Casteels & Eric Watson
Conductor Joshua Kangming Tan
with jazz pianist supremo Jeremy Monteiro.
Elaine Ng (NAC) & Andrea Teo (Former MediaCorp
and now Resorts World)
Pianomaniac with Grace Ng (NAC) &
Terence Ho (CEO, Singapore Chiense Orchestra)
A cappella group Vocaluptuous
was invited to provide the evening's entertainment.
Quek Yeng Yeng (NAC) &
Julie Tan (President, Singapore Music Teachers Association)
Rebecca Li (NAC) & Kon Mei Leen
(Former Principal, Methodist Girls School)
Fancy being asked to add to the graffiti!
NAC staffers mug for a photo.

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