Sunday, 3 December 2017


The Culture Story,
Thye Hong Centre
Saturday (2 December 2017)

The most recent Music & Makan was held not at home but at an art gallery. This was the first time its founder Beverly Hiong ventured outside of her family home, to host a M&M session at The Culture Story, a gallery space located in Thye Hong Centre, near Redhill. 

On this occasion, the participating artists were to craft their works in a collaborative spirit with the art pieces on display, and the results were revelatory. The choice of inviting a soprano, harpist and sonic alchemist was an interesting one, which produced a somewhat unusual concert - with two of the world's oldest instruments (voice and plucked strings) juxtaposed with electronic manipulation of sounds. This with the modern art in the background conjured a sense of the surreal.

There was wine, desserts and sweetmeats, and the socialising that have made Music & Makan enjoyable and hopefully enduring encounters.    

An audience gathers before the session begins
Soprano Ng Jingyun surprised everyone by making
a sudden appearance with
Georges Aperghis' Recitations 11,
which combines speech,song and melodrama. 
Jingyun and harpist Laura Peh performed
melodies by Debussy and Fauré
On her own, Laura performed
Alphonse Hasselman's La Source.
The tools of sonic alchemist Mervin Wong
included his viola and a laptop with
fancy programmes that generate and morph music.
The audience was entranced by Mervin's creations,
including Reveries, Ab Aeterno, Aphelion and
Enter The Void which were "composed" in
response to various artworks.
The performers take a bow after the hour-long concert.
Music & Makan founder Beverly Hiong
addresses the audience.
With the music completed,
here's the makan segment!
Music celebrities like SSO Principal Cellist Ng Pei Sian
also attended, seen here with his friend Michelle and Beverly.
The audience mingling after the concert.

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