Monday, 8 January 2018


OMM Conductor Chan Tze Law
addresses his audience. 

Open Rehearsal
Sunday (7 January 2018)

The Orchestra of the Music Makers (OMM) celebrates this year its 10th year of existence. Whoever thought that a group of students who yearned to play their favourite pieces in an orchestra could sustain their interest and recruit newer members for their course over a period of ten years?

The first concert of its 10th anniversary celebrations will be held on Saturday 13 January 2018 at the Esplanade Concert Hall, conducted by its Artistic Director Chan Tze Law. It brings back popular works the orchestra performed during its early years as well as some new and landmark works. The programme includes Dvorak, Wagner, Korngold, Arutiunian, Marquez and the World Premiere of young Singaporean composer Jonathan Shin's Siginnah! 

Esplanade Concert Hall
Saturday (13 January 2017), 7.30 pm

Tickets may be purchased at SISTIC. 
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Jonathan Shin speaks at an informal Q&A.

Jonathan Shin's Siginnah! is a three movement modern concerto grosso featuring The Lorong Boys, a 5-member folk band of which he is a member. The title Siginnah! (Naughty Boys!) comes from a Hokkien exclamatory phrase that roughly translates as "damn kids", a sort of Singlish that is heard only spoken by an older generation of Singaporeans (or Malaysians for that matter).

In it, Shin relives the sounds and scents of his youth. Although he is only 25 years old, his experiences have been vastly different from the teens and tweens of today, hence his expresses a certain nostalgia which can only be peculiar for people of his age. Bird sounds and the klaxon of the karang guni man could be heard in his work. 

The Lorong Boys comprises Shin (piano), David Loke and Gabriel Lee (violins), Rit Xu (flute) and Joachim Lim (percussion). This folk band caused a stir while performing inside Singapore's MRT trains during peak hour. Instead of being arrested as an unlawful assembly, their antics went viral and have been justly celebrated. In a way, Siginnah expresses this exuberance we oldies can only dream about. 

Jonathan Shin speaks to his audience.
A view from the mallets.
OMM rehearses Marquez's Danzon No.2.

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