Friday, 9 February 2018


The 2nd Singapore International Violin Competition came to a thrilling climax and conclusion with the Grand Final held at Esplanade Concert Hall on Thursday 8 February 2018. Three grand finalists performed a concerto each with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, attended by a well filled hall including a Who's Who of classical music in Singapore. Here are some photos from the intermission reception and prize-award ceremony.

Pang Siu Yuin (General Manager of Singapore National
Youth Orchestra), Cham Gee Len and Vivien Goh
(Sponsor of the Goh Soon Tioe Recital Prize)
Violinist Chin Chee Mee,  conductor Chan Tze Law, 
music philanthropist Tan Kah Tee,
Chia Sin Teck and Julie Tan

(Singapore Music Teacher's Association)
Mervin Beng (Founder of re:Sound),
master luthier Tong Ming Xi,
pianist Ge Xiaozhe and composer Chen Zhangyi.
Dr & Mrs Koo Siaw Sing
(Yong Siew Toh Conservatory)
Almost the T'ang Quartet:
Violinist Ng Yu Ying, pianist Susan Lai,
conductor Jason Lai (not Susan's husband)
and cellist Leslie Tan.
The YST Doctor's table:
Adeline Wong, Marc Rochester & Craig De Wilde.
Violinist Seah Huan Yuh, Law Li Fang (Octagon)
and Tang I Shyan (YST Concerts)
Susan Lai and her husband pianist Albert Tiu.
Cellist Qin Li-Wei with Lionel Choi
(Director of Singapore International Piano Festival)
Composer Chen Zhangyi and violinist Anna Lee,
pianist Khor Shang Jin and cellist Beverly Hiong
(Founder of Music & Makan).
Here is the jury: Qian Zhou (Chairperson),
Takashi Shimizu, Boris Kuschnir, David Takeno,
Kam Ning, Kim Nam Yun, Paul Roczek, Viktor Tretyakov,
Mauricio Fuks and Silvia Marcovici.
The grand finalists await the verdict:
Laurel Gagnon, Lisa Yasuda, Shi Xiaoxuan,
Oleksandr Korniev, Sergei Dogadin and Chisa Kitagawa.
Down to the final two:
the moment Sergei and Chisa are
informed of the final result.
All the finalists and the jury.
The finalists with Qian Zhou and Bernard Lanskey.
dean of Yong Siew Toh Conservatory
3rd Prizewinner Oleksandr Korniev
with his wife Yuliana.
2nd Prizewinner Chisa Kitagawa
with her mother Chiyo.
1st Prizewinner Sergei Dogadin
with his Victor's trophy by Tiffany & Co.

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