Saturday, 12 June 2010

WORLD CUP 2010: Day 1 (11 June 2010)

After paying a usurious $7o to the StarHub-Singtel cartel to watch the 2010 FIFA World Cup on television at home, I cannot help but put in my 2 cents worth on the matches watched so far.
How this World Cup will go is anybody's guess, but my metaphorical money will be on Spain and Brazil, with the secret hope that the African nations will pull an upset or two. If North Korea can do a Pak Doo Ik act on the Portuguese from 1966, that will be worth watching too...
Opening Match:
A nervous start for the hosts, in a match they should have won. Katlego Mphela missed two gilt-edged chances. Great goal from Tshabalalalalala. Sloppy defence rewarded the Mexicans with the equaliser. Any of these two can make the 2nd round. Rating: 3/5


Utter crap match. A total waste of sleeping time. If France cannot beat China, they have no hope whatsoever. No inspiration from Les Blueus while Uruguay parked the bus. Only highlights: the red card to Uruguay's Lodeiro and Thierry Henry's appeal for a handball penalty. Some cheek of the guy. Rating: 1/5

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