Monday, 12 July 2010

FIFA WORLD CUP 2010: Grand Final (11 July 2010)

Virgin champions: SPAIN!

Andres Iniesta celebrates his extra-time goal.

Spanish captain Iker Casillas
wins the Golden Glove (Best Goalkeeper).

(after extra time)

To be honest, it was not a classic final. Much of it was dour, with final debutant Spain doing most of the attacking and Holland, third time finalist, defending stoutly. Niggling fouls disrupted the flow and rhythm, with possibly the record number of yellow cards (13, including a red for Holand's John Heitinga) being flashed. Great chances were missed, in particular Arjen Robben's solo, heroically stalled by Golden Glove "Saint Iker" Casillas. Vicente del Bosque's substitutions were strokes of genius. Fernando Torres and Cesc Fabregas (coming on for David Villa and Pedro respectively) created the only goal on the 116th minute, with Andres Iniesta putting it away with aplomb. The Dutch will have much to complain about the refereeing by UK's Howard Webb. He missed an obvious corner for Holland off a free-kick at 115 minutes, The ensuing goal-kick led directly to the Spanish goal. Nevertheless, Spain are the deserving champions, conceding only two goals in the entire tournament (in their loss to Switzerland, and one to Chile), and scoring the least (8 goals) for winners. Rating 3/5
Which leaves one final question:
Q: Which is the only unbeaten team in World Cup 2010?
A: The All-Whites of New Zealand!

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