Thursday, 25 August 2011

A disturbing trend in classical music

It is a sign of the times when classical musicians begin believing that they are God's gift to music. This insidious and disturbing trend becomes especially apparent when the names of artists are placed more prominently and in bigger letters than the composer's.

Take this for example: Lang Lang's latest release on Sony Classical to cash in on the Liszt bicentenary. His name is in big white letterings, while Liszt's is relegated below. And what are those red and orange waves emanating from his hands? The title "Liszt, My Piano Hero" is narcissistic in itself, as if claiming some spiritual or familial connection with the great pianist composer himself. Could you imagine for a second Alfred Brendel or Murray Perahia doing the same thing?

My all time "favourite" CD cover, a seemingly topless Vanessa-Mae in the throes of ecstasy for her recording of Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Again her name towers over the red priest's. And she seems to be saying "Playing Vivaldi gives me multiple orgasms!"

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