Monday, 15 October 2012

GLIMPSES OF HONG KONG / Morning, Noon and Night III

Part III of my photographic tour of Hong Kong. In October, sunset begins rather earlier but sometimes its difficult to tell because of all the smog. But you will know when the neon-lights and street advertisements of Nathan Road begin to take on a certain glow. I-Square (above) is one of the newer shopping centres on the lower pole of Nathan Road, replacing the drab looking old Holiday Inn. I've stepped in once or twice, because the HMV outlet is located on its Upper Ground floor. Sadly, its no longer the great classical CD shop it used to be during its Sands House (Hankow Road) days.    

The infamous Chungking Mansion has had a massive scrub-over and now looks pretty decent on its facade. I seriously doubt that its reputation as a cockroach motel has changed very much. On a personal note, I did stay one night in December 2006 at its 3rd floor TWH Taiwan Hotel. The proprietor was friendly, the bed was firm, the sheets were clean, and local telephone calls and Internet use were free. Except for the room perpetually smelling of Baygon, and having to leave via the fire escape every trip out (the descending lifts being always full), I did not have much to complain. At least I wasn't mugged.     


About the best thing about the Mid-Autumn Festival (or Mooncake Festival) are the lights.These illuminations were located near Statue Square and attracted many photobugs like yours truly.

My favourite post-concert haunt is Temple Street Night Market, which opens till late. The open air stalls sell mostly kitsch but its always fascinating to see what's in vogue, or what the stall-holders think tourists are likely to buy.

Here's how to fry a genuine oily Hong Kong oyster omelette, as demonstrated by this Temple Street chef. Beat the eggs well into the batter, throw the oysters into the oil-lined pan and toss the mix till crisp and golden. For HKD 25, its a greasy, cholesterol-laden and totally sinful indulgence (the beer isn't mine). Did I say it tastes pretty good too? 

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